Ep 3 – Marine Fabre and Stacia “Origin Stories”

In this third installment of Coffee Shop Nomads Stacia meets with international dance shoe entrepreneur, Marine Fabre, in Seattle, Washington.  During a work party at Chocolati Cafe, Marine and I decided to record a quick video before they closed. We …

Ep 2 – Claudia Santangelo on Entrepreneurship and Finding the Magic in Life

In this second installment of Coffee Shop Nomads Interviews Stacia meets with travel agency entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger, Claudia Santangelo, in Orange County, California. We began by discussing Claudia’s passion for finding magic in the world, and how this prompted …

Ep 1 – Austin Hunt on Creating Human Connections, Facing Fears, and More

In this first installment of Coffee Shop Nomads Interviews, Stacia meets with nomad and entrepreneur, Austin Hunt, in Long Beach, California. At the time of this interview Austin had been nomadic for six and a half months, so his experiences …

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