Ep 5 – Jan Wong on Starting a Business Without Skills or Resources

In this fifth installment of Coffee Shop Nomads, Stacia meets up with Jan Wong, a Malaysian entrepreneur, at Kopenhagen Coffee in Kuala Lumpur.

Jan started his first business at 17 with no skills or resources, and went on to create Open Minds, a successful marketing tech company operating throughout Asia, with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

TEDx Speaker, part time lecturer, featured in Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 list, it’s no doubt that Jan has an impressive resume. Listening to his story you’ll see how he picked up skills along the way and just kept ‘pivoting’ as he noticed needs in the market.

Jan is a testament to the limitless opportunities for skill development, networking, and entrepreneurship that are available to us today through the internet.

Catch the full interview below.

You can check out Jan’s company, Open Minds, at https://openmindsresources.com

Exploring modern lifestyle options and empowering each other to create and dream is what Coffee Shop Nomads is all about.

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