Ep 2 – Claudia Santangelo on Entrepreneurship and Finding the Magic in Life

In this second installment of Coffee Shop Nomads Interviews Stacia meets with travel agency entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger, Claudia Santangelo, in Orange County, California.

We began by discussing Claudia’s passion for finding magic in the world, and how this prompted her to start her travel agency, Spellbound. She shares her special style of travel, and the mission behind it.

If I wanted to take this trip I couldn’t, I’d have to just create it myself, and so I thought that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Claudia Santangelo

We talk about our experiences as entrepreneurs, and agree that you can’t really fail as long as you keep taking action and adjust as needed to improve your results. I hope you’ll find our excitement at the end as inspiring as I did. It’s so great to find other people who think that way!

If you have that drive and you have that work ethic, it’s kind of impossible to fail.

Claudia Santangelo

You can watch the full interview below.

Check out Claudia’s blog, Words Whiskey & Wanderlust for more on Spellbound and her unique travel philosophy, as well as some bomb.com literary quote whiskey glasses!

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Empowering each other to create and dream is what Coffee Shop Nomads is all about.

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