The 3 Secrets to Not Losing Stuff (While Traveling and in Life)

The other day I was packing up my backpack at a cafe in Korea and it occurred to me how good I’ve gotten at not forgetting stuff anymore. I feel like when I first started the nomadic life I would forget things pretty regularly–but no longer!

There are three secrets to not losing stuff that I use now which apply to anyone, whether you travel or not.

1. Awareness

First of all, just have a quick conversation with yourself right now. “Self, it’s really easy to forget stuff. You’ve done it before. It’s easy to do. Let’s make note that we like our stuff and we don’t want to forget it anymore.” Now this awareness is going to help you out with the next two steps. We’ll keep coming back to it.

2. The Double Check

This means being aware (first step) that you could easily forget stuff and making the conscious choice to always double check when you change locations. Whether it’s getting out of a car, leaving a cafe, leaving a hostel or hotel room, etc. Just know it’s easy to forget stuff or have something slip out of your bag or get left on the chair and make the choice to take an extra minute or two and check. It’s that simple. #LookBack

3. Pre-emptive Action

Again, you’re now aware of how easy it is to forget stuff, and that you don’t want to do it anymore. Now, every time you set something down I want you to think, is this going to get left behind here? And if the answer is that it would be really easy to not see it there and forget it, then don’t do it. Put it somewhere else.

I remember one time I forgot my little toiletries bag at a hotel because I’d put it in a drawer and I never do that. I hadn’t thought to check the drawers when I left because I just never put stuff in there. In the future, I wouldn’t put my things in a drawer while traveling unless I’m putting a lot of stuff in there and my brain has solidly made note of it.

If you’re mixing your stuff up with someone else’s stuff or spreading it out in unusual places you’re very likely to forget something. By training yourself to think ahead you’ll save yourself a ton of trouble later!

I hope you find these secrets to not losing stuff as helpful for you as they’ve been for me! If you can think of anything else that would help comment below. I’d also love to hear your most memorable story of where you forgot something or what you forgot. Let me know in the comments below!

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